Sunday, January 4, 2015

Great hopes and dreams!

Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you”; (Matthew 9:29 NIV)

Is setting a goal the same as a New Years resolution? They sure sound the same but I'm going to say they are different, at least in my context. I have been reading the Daily Hope Devotionals. Today's was titled Goals Stretch Your Faith BY RICK WARREN — JANUARY 4, 2015. He cited this verse, Matthew 9:29.

A few days ago I ridiculed New Years resolutions. I'm not back tracking, but I view New Years resolutions as frivolous because we never keep them. There not from deep inside. They're just surfacy. Goals are much more thought out. They come from deep inside our hearts and minds. Goals should be a part of everyone's life especially the Christian. 

The question is "How big are your goals?" Rick Warren says, more or less, they are an indication of your faith. Small goals yield little, medium goals yield some, but large goals yield large, wonderful results. Am I minimizing my God by setting puny goals? Am I lacking faith when I don't publicly proclaim those goals? Yikes, when was the last time I let anyone in on my private goals? Is it because I doubt myself or the power of God to fulfill them?

I am just about 7 years away from retiring. I love educating youth and I'm not one of those teachers that drag everyone down their last years before retirement. I love to go to school every day. But, I do have dreams, goals for when I retire. I'm not going to sit around and just do nothing. I'll share with you my dreams. I want to be in full time ministry when I retire. I don't mean being a preacher in a church, but I want to travel and  preach the gospel along the way. I really don't know how YET. But, I am dreaming big. It could be as a national evangelist for CMA, it could be in the mission field overseas, it could be traveling around this country serving churches or other groups. But, I have felt the stirring for the past 6 years. I love traveling and I love sharing with people. It's my goal and I serve a God that can make it happen!

Ok, now you know my hopes and dreams! I haven't told many people, now let's see what God does with that! What are your dreams? What are your goals? Do they prove you worship a great and powerful God, or a small and weak one? 

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