Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm in awe!

“When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers— the moon and the stars you set in place— what are mere mortals that you should think about them, human beings that you should care for them? Yet you made them only a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor. You gave them charge of everything you made, putting all things under their authority— the flocks and the herds and all the wild animals, the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea, and everything that swims the ocean currents. O LORD, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!”
Psalms 8:3-9 NLT --

I was greatly dissappointed Sunday night when the cloud cover blocked our view of the blood moon. I am wonderfully fascinated by our natural world and marvel at the hand of God that made it. Every time I see one of God's many wonders I really try to reflect on his awesome power. You can call it pure science, I call it true love. When I'm camping, traveling, or just watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I praise God for his majesty. It's everywhere.

The God that created us, knit us in our mothers womb, created Mars and the chance of water/life on it, wants to be with us. Don't you think it is amazing that the creator of all things wants a relationship with you? We are such a small speck in the fabric of the universe and God loves us deeply, so much that he sent his son to die for us. 

I am overwhelmed by that kind of love!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Maybe not in a President........ But,

But Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them. But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.””
Matthew 20:1-16, 25-28 NLT --,25-28.nlt

I am very in tune with national politics. I love my pre-vote analysis to decide who I am voting for. Call me weird, but I think it's fun. At this point, and it's early, I have not decided who I will vote for. As always my "ideal" candidate is nowhere to be found. So, what is it I want in a candidate? 

I want them to focus on thes verses:

"Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

I just don't see any humble servants running for President. I wished there was. I would give anything for a true servant-leader in charge of our country. I would give anything for a candidate  to be a slave to us and not special interest groups and other politicians. Really, all leaders need to se be this way. Leadership is about serving others, not bossing them around. I love working for a principal that serves his staff. I love working for a school that is filled with lstaff members that want to serve the students we lead. Whenever you can get any organization to think of themselves as servants it will be successful.

My CMA chapter is full of servant leaders and this month starts our election process. We have nearly 25 people eligible to serve as leaders and so far most are willing to serve if asked. That is amazing and only possible through the working of the Holy Spirit. I love my CMA family.

Dear Lord, I humbly pray with all sincerity for our leaders, including the President, congress, my state leaders, my school administration, and the leaders of my church. I pray for our elections and that your hand will be in them, helping us select leaders that have a heart for your kingdom. I also pray for my CMA chapter elections and our mission. I am thankful for those willing to serve in all leadership positions and ask you to give wisdom and discernment as they serve. May we all look at your example for true servant leadership. Amen!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Stop bashing the kids!

“One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could lay his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him. But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” And he placed his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left.”
Matthew 19:13-15 NLT --

I am surrounded, every day, by the hope of the world. This hope can frustrate me immensely, they challenge me, they make mistakes, and they view life with jaded eyes. But, I love them and they do provide me with hope. They also are the true definition of compassion and kindness. I love it that nothing is easy with them and I like the way they challenge the status quo. What I don't like is the way they are constantly bashed by some people. Bashing young people is not new. Adults in the sixties hated our clothes, hair, and what we fought for. Adults of the 70's,80's, and 90's all hated the trends of young people. It's always been that way. We have this rose colored-view of how life was when we were young. Things haven't changed much. Kids are kids. Sure they play video games when we played tag. They watch Netflix when we went to the movies. The things they spend there leisure time on is different, not better, and certainly not worse than what we did.

Instead of criticizing young people, we need to teach them about Jesus. Instead of attacking there lives, we need to build relationships and show them Jesus. We show them with our own lives, not with words, threats and criticism. We show them with love not judgment. We show them by being Jesus.

Dear Lord, I praise you for the wonderful gift I have been given in teaching kids. I am blessed to be a part of their lives. Help me, Lord, to set an example you would be proud of. Help me to share Jesus by my words, but more importantly my actions. Help me to win their hearts for you! Amen!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Law

“Jesus replied, “Moses permitted divorce only as a concession to your hard hearts, but it was not what God had originally intended. And I tell you this, whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery—unless his wife has been unfaithful. ””
Matthew 19:8-9 NLT --

In a former life, I was an Athletic Director at our high school. The governing body of our high school sports teams had some pretty extensive rules. Most of the rules were simple common sense, but some were very complicated. I will never forget our state commissioners philosophy about the rules. He said if we interpreted the rules based on the original intent of the rule, we could rarely be wrong. You can't make a set of rules that addresses every scenario. 

Such is true in life. So many of life in today's world was not talked about in the bible. Our modern delimnas are not a part of the laws written by God. God never directly set down rules about abortion. Yet we know the intent of the rules. We must value human life. We know that God speaks of life beginning at conception. 

God intended the family, mom, dad, kids, to be the center of society. He designed us to thrive on the relationship between man and woman. We should take that intent and use it in our daily lives. Sure, we can live without the family, but we can not thrive and we miss out on the designed blessings of life.

The more we read the word of God, the more we can discover his intent. When we know the "feel" of the law, we know how to act or react. The a bible, prayer, and the prompting of the Holy Spirit should be our guide when we tackle the issues of our life. Life can be so complicated at times. We can't get the most out of it unless we are in a personal relationship with Jesus. We need to know the heart of God.

Dear Lord, speak to my own heart. Help me to act on your promptings. We need you to help us to wind through the complicated issues of life. Help us to be able to read your word and learn from it. Help me to apply it's lessons to my daily life. This world needs your love, mercy, Grace , and direction. Amen!

Demand nothing!

“One day the Pharisees and Sadducees came to test Jesus, demanding that he show them a miraculous sign from heaven to prove his authority.”
Matthew 16:1 NLT --

How can anyone think about demanding things from God. 

Who has done this? 

We all have!

Anytime we act on our own without the consult of God, we are demanding action from him.  God has his own timing and his own plan. He sees the big picture. As a matter of fact he CREATED the picture. How can we say we know best? We either have Or we have NOT committed our lives to Christ. There is no middle ground. We have either turned our lives over to him or not. We have to be patient and wait on the Lord. We have to be committed to carrying out his plan and following his timing. 

My biggest failures in life have come from my own doing and not God's. I have missed my greatest blessings by going out on my own and not praying to my father in heaven. Many of my trials have been from demanding this or that from God. It's only through retrospect can I see that. I can't go back and change my life, but I can move forward spending more time in prayer, more time listening to the voice of my loving and powerful God and waiting patiently on the Lord. 

Dear Lord, I beg your forgiveness for not always following the path you have laid out for me. I recommit my life to you and your plan. Please Lord Do not give up on me and my sinfullness. Guide me in the decisions I must make. Present the right path in a clear way. I am awed by your patience with me and your love, grace, and mercy. You are everything! Amen!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cancer can not defeat you

“Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday.”
Psalms 91:6 NLT --

I hate cancer. But I must confess, my family has not directly been affected by this terrible illness. Sure I know people that are suffering from cancer. The battle is real and the stakes are high. Death is at the door. Even though this disease is devastating and literally lurks at every corner, I do not dread it. I do not dread any physical or mental illness. I can live my life in peace because of my loving Heavenly Father. 

There is a young man at my school that has been fighting cancer. I am so impressed with his ability to keep a positive attitude even thought he has gone through countless painful treatments. I have a colleague's husband who has battled this dreaded illness also and her faith is as strong as  ever. We just lost a valued community member to a very intense and brief battle with cancer. The family has remained strong with the help of their faith. No one wants to go through the suffering of a major illness. But, I can't imagine going through a cancer  battle or any other health issue without Jesus. We can overcome all of life's hurdles when we have that deep relationship with Jesus. Jesus knows and feels our pain. When we cry, he cries. When we suffer he suffers. Devote your life to him and he will carry your burdens. There is no trial to big. There is not trial that he alone will not defeat. Trust him.

Dear Lord, I love you and praise you for the oeace you bring into my life. I have encountered so many troubles in my life and you have always been there for me. I praise you for watching over those that are battling cancer or have lost loved ones to this dreaded disease. Continue to be with them make your presence known. Give these people peace through the darkness. I love you Lord and praise you every day my life. Amen!

Super Heroes!

“I said to the LORD, “You are my Master! Every good thing I have comes from you.” The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them!”
Psalms 16:2-3 NLT--

This week has been homecoming week at school and we have had a Super Heroe theme. Everyone has been focusing on batman, superman, Wonder Woman, etc. I love these super heroes as they are all servants for good. They face off against evil in there fictional worlds and set a great example for kids and adults alike. They aren't real. We do have some real super heroes among us, in real life.

It's not difficult to find heroes in our society. I think of Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, and countless pastors in local churches across our nation. But there are also the unsung heroes that serve Jesus in so many different ways. There are people that have sacrificed everything to serve others in the name of Jesus. They don't grab the headlines, they won't be the lead story on the morning news, they quietly go about Gods work. They expose themselves to critics who question there motives and methods. The obstacles they face do not deter them from their mission. They are focused on Jesus. 

Dear Lord, thank you for those heroes of the faith that live right now. I am inspired by these men and women you have given. Please continue to use them, protect them, give them strength of purpose, give them the power and will to overcome those that persecute them. Use me Lord to serve in their shadow. Use me in the same way you use them. I love you and want nothing more than to serve you every waking moment of my life. Thank you Lord! Amen!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't do as I say.....

“When Jesus had finished giving these instructions to his twelve disciples, he went out to teach and preach in towns throughout the region.”  Matthew 11:1 NLT--

Don't just do as I say, do as I do!

The greatest leaders in the world lead by example. I would challenge any leader who would not set the example for his/her followers. As a teacher I am a leader. My students will follow my direction. If I'm late or not prepared for the day, why should they? Do I live the example of hard work and dedication? Do I take excessive days off? Do I honor my own profession or do I bash the system I work? Do I show my students I care deeply about them, their trials, tribulations, their struggles? Do I show real compassion?Do I only care for those that excell or do I care for all? The example I set is more important than any Math topic I share.

Jesus is the ultimate leader. He trained the twelve to go out and share the message, but HE also went out. His expectations for himself were higher than those he set for them. He didn't just sit back and watch others work. We have a great record of his example in Gods word. We know how we should lead because he led us. He led all the way to the cross. That's a leader I can follow. As Christians we need to lead by example just like Jesus. People are watching and learning about Jesus by what we do and say.

Dear Jesus, I love you and praise you for the example you have set. I only want to serve you and imitate your life. Help me to keep that focus in everything I do, my teaching, ministry, and in my life as husband, father, grandfather, and friend. I praise you and love you forever. Amen!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Change of plans

“Jesus sent out the twelve apostles with these instructions: “Don’t go to the Gentiles or the Samaritans, but only to the people of Israel—God’s lost sheep. Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!”
Matthew 10:5-8 NLT--

When I read this verse, It struck me as odd that a few short years later, the emphasis would change. The focus would move to sharing the gospel with the Gentiles. 

My God has a plan. He is in control of the timing and that timing is perfect. His plan is unique to us. In order to know that special plan you must listen and act on the voice of God. Jesus sent the apostles out with a specific purpose. His long term plan would expand to all people, but at that particular time it was just for Israel. I love the plan. I love it that his 12 apostles listened and acted. 

Are you listening for your plan, your marching orders? I can guarantee your plan, like mine, will evolve. That's why you must train your heart to continuously listen as the plan grows within us. By prayer, worship, and reading the word YOUR plan will be revealed, not just once, but daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. I am so excited to see my plan continue. My life has already been quite the adventure. 

Dear Lord, I love you so much and am wildly excited about how you are using me and my life. I pray that you will continue the joy and excitement through your plans. I pray for the wisdom to discern your plans from the plans of man. Use me for your kingdom. Use me for your glory. I am awed by your amazing mercy  and grace, every day of my life. Amen!

If I were you.....

““If I were you, I would go to God and present my case to him. He does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles.”  Job 5:8-9 NLT----

I don't get it! I just don't get it'! Why does God care so much for me? I am nothing and he grants everything. I am a sinner yet he sent his son to die for me. I could never repay him. He knows it and gives even more. I am one of the countless miracles mentioned in this scripture. I just don't understand.

If I were you, I would drop to my knees and present my case to him. He will hear you. He has heard me countless times in my fifty five years. I just came back from a worship filled weekend with my Indiana State CMA family. Our wonderful chapter had 23 people and two guests for the weekend. But that was only the start. We had a great time of fellowship, worship, fun, prayer, and relaxation. God blessed us with protection and a powerful message. I heard our great CMA chief executive, John Ogden, Sr., speak and I heard a miraculous testimony from Billy Rivers. God knows what he's doing. He had this weekend planned for me and our chapter. He is blessing our ministry and I am humbled by that.

I am a perfect example why you should drop to your knees and take everything to God in prayer. He is listening and he will hear you.

Dear Lord, I thank you for my many blessings. I thank you for the wonderful ministry of CMA and the opportunity to serve. Please take us to places you would have us go, take my entire life and make it only for you. I praise you and honor you. Amen!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The illusion of power

“He frustrates the plans of schemers so the work of their hands will not succeed.”
Job 5:12 NLT. (

I am so gullible. I watched the republican debate last night and was encouraged. I know you think I'm crazy. How can you watch 3 hours of political double talk, avoiding answering questions, meanness, braggadocio and be encouraged.

I sat there messemerized by the thought that my wonderful God is in charge. Through the lies and the schemes to snatch power, he will win. Our world is not in trouble because God is in power. Our country might be attacking my faith, but they do not have the means to defeat us. My God does not need politics. He doesn't need an army, he lacks of nothing. He not only knows the outcome, he created it. 

So, when I hear the pretentious debate of men, I laugh. It's entertaining to watch them dual for the "illusion of power". They literally have none. My God is in charge. He knows where the world is heading and he has given every single person the opportunity to be on the winning side. I am on the winning side. We are victorious! Praise God for his mercy and strength!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Doctor Rhoades!

“When Jesus heard this, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do.” Then he added, “Now go and learn the meaning of this Scripture: ‘I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.’ For I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.””
Matthew 9:12-13 NLT. (

This could be my theme song. It sparks my life and always has. I have to admit I am greatly irritated with Christians. Much of my life has been spent in churches or at church events. I have been to some wonderful churches with driven people serving others. I honor that and respect them. But, sitting in a church pew is NOT our calling. Not me, not you, not anyone. We are not to isolate ourselves. We are to go to others to find the sick, and heal them. We are all Doctors and the patients need a house call. I don't know too many of the lost begging to visit to your churches. Very few people will come to church before they are saved. We have to go to them and the places they hang out aren't pretty. 

As Christians we need to get out of our comfy, feel good, churches and go to the world. We need to go to places that are full of sin and share Jesus. We can't afford to wait. Eternal life is at stake. I think CMA does that better than anyone. But, there are others and there are other people going to the lost and sharing the love of Christ through service and love. They are providing for needs and building long term relationships.god does not need more people sitting in church pews. He needs more people working the front lines for the kingdom. He needs all of us going out to the world to preach the gospel.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Highway to Hell

““You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.”
Matthew 7:13-14 NLT.  (

The last couple of motorcycle rides I've been on we're loads of fun. But each of them had a part of the ride on "chip n sealed" roads. For those non-motorcyclists. A road that is resurfaced by adding fresh oil, then rock, is called chip n seal and It CAN be a little dangerous. When you add that hazard to narrow, winding, country roads, riding a motorcycle on extremely loose gravel can really be a big problem.  It's not like the"super slabs" that are smooth, fast and hazard free. In reality, the sleek highways are not nearly as safe as what you think. Just yesterday on a nearby highway there were two major accidents nearly at the same place and time. It seems whenever there is an accident on an interstate highway, it is deadly. These speeds and careless driver can really make driving on the highways even more dangerous than my little country roads.

The highway to hell seems so inviting. It is fast, smooth, and comfortable. In reality, our lives are more like a motorcycle ride. Their are hazards everywhere. We need to be prepared for every possible obstacle. If we cruise through life like we're ridding on a super highway, we are more likely to be on the highway to hell.  Not only is the gate to heaven narrow, the road getting to the gate isn't a superhighway. We need Jesus to help us navigate the narrow, winding country roads to arrive safe home. We need help when we tense up because of illness, financial hardship, and broken relationships.  We need to slow down, pay attention, and make sure we are prepared for life's ups and downs. We can't be prepared without Jesus. 

Dear Lord, I thank you so much for your protection while I ride my motorcycle. I am awed by your power and might. More importantly I thank you for guiding me through the hazards and obstacles I have met in 55 years of life. I know it is all you. I know it's not through my skill or anything I do. My safety and protection is only possible because I have dedicated my life to you some 40 plus years ago. Thank you Lord. I love you and praise you. Amen!

I wish I had never been born?

““Let the day of my birth be erased, and the night I was conceived. Let that day be turned to darkness. Let it be lost even to God on high, and let no light shine on it.”
Job 3:3-4 NLT.  (

What would this world be like if you had never been born? 

After Job lost everything, he wished he had never been born. He completely blamed himself for all the calamity that just occurred. He thought if he had never been born, the world would be a better place.

So, I ask YOU! Would the world be better off without you? 

Personally, I can't say I've had much of an impact. It's not for lack of trying. I have a goal like most people, to make a difference, to change the world. I just don't think it's happened. But, I'm not giving up. My entire life is about making a difference. I'm not talking about making the nightly news type of difference,. I'm talking about bringing someone who was going to die, permanently, to live with me in eternity. I want to save as many lives as possible from the depths of hell. I guess I said that wrong. I want to introduce as many people as I can to Jesus so HE can save them from death. Anything less is unacceptable. 

I'm not worried about my impact from the worlds perspective. I only care about the life changing power of Jesus. I don't have a quota. I don't have some magical number that I need to enter the gates of heaven. I just know I want to give my best for every moment I have. I want to take advantage of any openings to share. I want to plant the seeds for the harvest. I can't do that if I had never been born. 

I understand Jobs thoughts. If I have kept one soul out of heaven because of my actions, my words, or my inaction, I would rather God erase my birth from history. Please Lord forgive me if that is true! Amen!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's not the rules, it's the relationships!

““But I warn you—unless your righteousness is better than the righteousness of the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven!”
Matthew 5:20 NLT. (

In the times of Jesus, the standard for the normal Jew was the Pharasee.  The leaders knew they were the example. I believe the reason they were so legalistic was because of the intense pressure to set an example. It's not evil to try to be legal. We have chastised the Pharasees over the years because of their legalism. Yes, they lost sight of the goal because of their obsession with rules. It's not the obeying of Gods laws that's the problem. It's losing sight that none of us is perfect and all have sinned.

As Christians we walk a tightrope between the law and relationships. I just always need to remember the laws are about living life the way God has planned, they were never intended to be a laundry list for membership into the kingdom of God. So when we are GOING OUT, to preach the gospel it's not about the rules, it's about the relationships. God wants a relationship with us. He loves us, cares about us, and wants the best for us now, not just in the future. In order to get that best, we have rules or laws. We can never lose sight of love above rules.

Dea Lord, thank you for loving me without reservation. I have seen your love laid out before me in clear and special ways. I'm humbled. Help me to share that love with other, to avoid judging them for their sins. I praise you for my amazing life filled with joy! Help me to share that joy with all I see today! Amen!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Jesus didn't use a pulpit!

“One day as he saw the crowds gathering, Jesus went up on the mountainside and sat down. His disciples gathered around him, and he began to teach them.”
Matthew 5:1-2 NLT.   (

I'm the son and grandson of a preacher. The gospel has been taught by my family for years. So, I can truly say I have witnessed a few sermons. One thing I never saw my grandfather or my own father do was sit while he was preaching. I'm not sure when the habit of standing behind a pulpit became the accepted way to deliver Gods word. It sure didn't start out that way. One of the most powerful sermons of all time was delivered while sitting down on the side of a hill. We might curse a preacher today if he asked to sit down.

Jesus was truly one of us. He would not want a "pulpit" to separate him from the ones he loved so dearly. As ministers of the word of God, we need to make sure we do not separate ourselves from the people who most need Jesus. It is so easy to make ourselves out to be "special". I'm not criticizing Pastors of churches who use pulpits. Obviously they have a practical function to hold bibles, notes, etc. But, I truly believe all preachers need to make sure they do not make themselves out to be above the world. My own pastor uses a small podium that is unobtrusive and practical. More importantly he does not speak to me from some ivory tower. He speaks to me like he were just sitting talking to me as a friend, as someone who is a part of us. He does not portray himself as a perfect person and doesn't demand respect, he earns it. My father and my grandfather were the same way. They were messenger of a perfect God, but they let everyone know they were imperfect people, flawed like the rest of us.

Dear Lord, thank you for my amazing pastor and the countless pastors that share your word. Bless them and speak to their hearts. Give them the perfect message to share with the lost. Keep them humble and real to the people they meet every day. Watch over them. Protect them and love them in a special way. Amen!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Silence is golden -- 9/11/01

“Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and nights. No one said a word to Job, for they saw that his suffering was too great for words.”
Job 2:13 NLT  (

What a beautiful sight. I know their feelings. When comforting your friends it is not always important to say something. In my life I have seen more comfort come through actions than words. Just the lone act of sitting with someone to comfort them,is enough. We always say how powerful words are, but the true display of love and friendship is the act of silence. During silent moments it's always easier to sense what the mourner needs and it's easier to hear from the Lord. Silence is golden! 

On this day 14 years ago, our nation sat in silence, horrified by the events unfolding in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. For the next several weeks we intensely mourned the loss of life. Today, we continue to mourn and resolve that we should never forget. I spent last night reliving those moments watching videos as the events happened. We are in a battle with evil forces in the world. On this day, 14 years ago on a clear fall morning the war on evil became real.

Today, we should sit in silence with those that were directly affected by this fateful day, 14 years ago. We should sit in silence to honor the horrific loss of life. We should sit in silence to comfort our nation that has been forever changed by this single day, 9/11/01.

Dear Lord, we humbly ask you to protect us from evil. We know the ultimate victory has been won, but the battle in this earth is real and we need you. Today, Lord, we ask you to comfort those who lost loved ones in this attack. We also ask you to comfort our country as we were and always will be affected by this cowardly attack. We love you Lord. We need you and we praise you for your goodness and mercy. Amen!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My fifteen minutes of fame will not be wasted!

“People from Jerusalem and from all of Judea and all over the Jordan Valley went out to see and hear John.” Matthew 3:5 NLT

Have you ever wondered why people flocked to see John? From everything we read in the gospels, he was a strange man, lived by himself, wore strange clothes, and was not afraid to offend anyone. Just ask the pharisees. So why were people attracted to this strange man? I can only think that he was so filled with the Spirit of the Lord and spoke the plain truth that people just couldn't help themselves. They weren't attracted by his personality or his dashing looks, they were captivated by the message!

I wonder how popular he would be today?

Today, it is so easy to gain your fifteen minutes of fame. All you have to do is post some quirky video on the internet and you will be a world wide sensation. We've seen it time and time again. Fame is fleeting. Even for John his fame was fleeting. But, he took advantage of every second he had to exclaim the coming of the Messiah. He took advantage of his "fifteen minutes of fame" to bring people to the truth. I can think of a multitude of people, even in modern times, that also made sure they shared the spotlight with Jesus. Tim Tebow is one of those people that definitely used his brief flirt with stardom to make an impact. 

As a teacher, I don't think I will ever be considered famous. But, in the eyes of my students, I am a significant part of their lives for a brief amount of time. I want to make sure I use that time for the kingdom of God. That might be a little tricky in the context of a public school, but it can certainly be done. It begins with setting the example by serving, not judging, just loving on my kids. My "ministry" at school is centered around compassion, building relationships, and yes, at the proper moment, sharing what I believe. I am allowed to share when they ask. I am obligated to love with no strings attached. I will be there for them. I will be Jesus in the classroom and through my actions, more than my words, I will plant seeds that will grow into a wonderful harvest for Christ!

My fifteen minutes of fame will not be wasted! What about yours?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Just thinking!

“There once was a man named Job who lived in the land of Uz. He was blameless—a man of complete integrity. He feared God and stayed away from evil.

Job stood up and tore his robe in grief. Then he shaved his head and fell to the ground to worship. He said, “I came naked from my mother’s womb, and I will be naked when I leave. The LORD gave me what I had, and the LORD has taken it away. Praise the name of the LORD!” In all of this, Job did not sin by blaming God.”
Job 1:1, 20-22 NLT (,20-22.nlt)

I've been thinking a lot lately. My thoughts always find there way into this blog. Forgive me for my ramblings. I'm hoping if we get enough of us thinking, the Lord will make clear the path chosen for his people. I don't think the actions we take in the name of the Lord are always pleasing to our savior. I think our poorly chosen message can do more harm than good. Yet, the world needs to hear the truth. 

How am I supposed to treat those that live contrary to God's law? Am I the one appointed to change the ways of the sinner? I have always felt a strong calling to follow this verse.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
Mark 16:15 KJV.

But, what are my "rules of engagement"? Am I the one to point out the condemnation when the sinner rejects the Lord? How can I love the sinner? Am I any different than the Pharisees that condemned those that did not follow the rules? When I am sharing, what do I do when the gospel is largely rejected. Is my path to be the same as Kim Davis? She went to jail for her beliefs. Am I to be militant like Westboro Baptist? Is holding public, defiant, protests the way Jesus would have me deal with the controversy such as those held at abortion clinics? Am I condemned by the father if I don't? 

I interact with teenagers every day that are asking questions about how to "do" life. I feel such an obligation to let them know the truth and to balance the lies of the world. I always make known that I am a Christian. They know where I stand. But, I am careful not to condemn or judge. Should I be more bold in sharing those beliefs?

Our witness, our daily walk, interactions with people, are so critical. I think many Christians take that witness too lightly. I need to spend more time praying about my story. I need to be courageous at the same time compassionate to others. I need to intensely study how Jesus dealt with sinners and pray for his direct guidance in everything I do. I am not perfect. Sometimes I am too bold and other times, I'm not bold enough. I can't do this life on my own.

Lord, please send the Holy Spirit to fill my life with words and actions from you. Amen!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Jesus is terrifying?

“King Herod was deeply disturbed when he heard this, as was everyone in Jerusalem.”
Matthew 2:3 NLT. (

I can understand why King Herod was deeply disturbed about the birth of the Messiah. But what about everyone else in Jerusalem? Why would the coming of the leader of the Jews be so frightening?

Well, if those people were anything like we are today, just the unknown would be enough to send an entire community into a tizzy. But they also had a vision of their savior being a "militant" leader who would rule with an iron hand. Boy, were they surprised!

What about today? Why are so many people intimidated and fearful of Christianity? Christians are under attack. How does my faith intimidate so much? The answer comes directly from the father of lies. Satan himself perpetuates the fear. He replays over and over the sins of our fathers as mean, cruel, and ruthless people. Yes, all the way back during the crusades we sinned greatly against man kind. It is brought up in every argument against Christianity. Many believe the crusades were completely necessary to keep faith alive and not be snuffed out by militant Muslims. Even so, look at our record since that time. Look at the church and the mission. Look at the servant heart that has served so many places around the world. We feed the hungry, we house the poor, we heal the sick. The power to do good in the world is fueled by the power of Jesus. It is a lie to fear Jesus. Jesus is love. Jesus is a servants heart. 

Dear Lord, I am distraught by the constant attack on our faith. I am dismayed with the depiction of Christians as mean, bigoted, and unloving. Help me Lord, to not dwell on the lies spread about my faith. Help me to constantly show my love, your love, to those around me. Help me to be above the fray and serve, even those that hate me. I praise you for your love and support through all the trials I face on this earth. You are an amazing and wonderful God of Love. Amen!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


“Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery.”
Hebrews 13:4 NLT

I love my wife. I can't even imagine living my life without her. For 37 years we have shared our lives. It's been an amazing life of love, friendship, and family. 

I truly honor marriage and all it stands for. For the last several years, the term marriage has been much maligned. The definition of marriage has morphed into something God never intended. It used to mean the Union of man and woman in a commitment of love, friendship, and family. I'm not here to condemn those that have twisted this honorable institution. I'm not to judge. God will.

My sadness is not how much people dishonor the true definition of marriage. My sadness is that they will never know the real joy of marriage. They can try to imitate true marriage with their partner, but God designed man and woman to be together for a reason. When we do marriage correctly, when we honor marriage, no other "union" can match it. The special intimacy between a man and a woman can't be duplicated. It's not just about sexual intimacy, although that is part of it, it's about a physical, spiritual, and mental  bonding designed by God because of our unique differences. It's a deeper kind of love. Critics will say they CAN match the union of man and wife with a different kind of "family". I just disagree! It's kind of funny that these "new families"  try to copy everything that a man and woman can do naturally. Why try to settle for a facsimile? Why not do the real thing?

I'm not going to criticize people who want to make long term commitments to each other. They can call it marriage if they want. But, It's not the same. Relationships of all kinds are valuable in life. Special relationships men to men and woman to woman can be wonderful. But, the eternal relationship between a man and a woman, set up since the inception of life on this planet, is a relationship like no other. It can't be duplicated, it can't be equalled. I am forever honored that God has brought my wife and I together. He brought us together and no man can separate us.

My advice, don't settle for something less than the perfect design of the creator of the universe. The God that created the heavens and the earth also created man and woman to be together in marriage.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

It gets even better!

“All these people earned a good reputation because of their faith, yet none of them received all that God had promised. For God had something better in mind for us, so that they would not reach perfection without us.” Hebrews 11:39-40 NLT

You might get tired of me saying how blessed I am. I just can't help it. Really, I have been blessed throughout my entire life. Sure, I have had some ups and downs. Even in the amount of time I have been writing this blog, I have testified to some struggles. Yet, throughout even the struggles of life I can testify to the blessings I have received from God. Then I get to this verse.

God has something better in mind. If I had struggled throughout my life this verse would have a completely different meaning. I have lived such a blessed life and now I know it's just going to get better. I can't wait. Every day of my life is a mystery, a glorious mystery because we do not know from moment to moment what is to come. Some people "peek" around the corners of life in anticipation of what is coming. They are worried about the oath they are on. Others, including myself, look to the future with excitement and great anticipation. This verse is the reason!

I praise you, Lord, for my wonderfully exciting life. I praise you that I can charge into everyday not worried about what is around the corner. I know, good or bad, that you are here with me. You will protect me and walk with me when life turns ugly. I have a special confidence because I know my life is not my own. I have a confidence because even when life is fantastic, it's going to get even better. It's a confidence that is about you Lord, not me. Thank you Lord. I love you and am humbled to be one of yours. Amen!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Honesty and Modesty

“O God, I beg two favors from you; let me have them before I die. First, help me never to tell a lie. Second, give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough to satisfy my needs. For if I grow rich, I may deny you and say, “Who is the LORD?” And if I am too poor, I may steal and thus insult God’s holy name.”  Proverbs 30:7-9 NLT.  (

Two favors. What would I ask for? I can't say these two choices would be on my radar as I ask for favors from the greatest power in the universe. 

What should I ask for?

Honesty and modesty

The values of these two characteristics seem to be lost in the world we live in. While most people still preach honesty as the best policy, the words don't always match the action. But, modesty? I'm not even sure the word exists any more. It's not true in clothing. It's not true in our homes. It's not true in our cars. It's not true in our jobs and careers. Our new montra is "more is better". We are never satisfied. Greed is every where. Power is a lure into the evils of this world. Acquisition of THINGS, dominates every waking moment of our lives. I'm not immune. 

The surprise....... Honesty and modesty are inextricably linked. The search for things and power often leads us to dishonesty. When we are more worried about aquiring things and less concerned about people and relationships we don't care about who we hurt along life's path. Lieing, cheating, stealing, and hurting others are almost a demand when climbing the corporate ladder. It's sad. We need to change our focus. We need a favor from the God of the Universe.

Dear Lord, keep me focused on the things that are important. Keep me honest, modest, and worried only about serving others. My life needs to be about aquiring more souls for Christ and not stuff to fill my garage. I love you Lord and I need your strength, wisdom, and courage to walk the path you have set before me. Amen!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Not just sittin' in the pew!

"You have been believers so long now that you ought to be teaching others. Instead, you need someone to teach you again the basic things about God’s word. You are like babies who need milk and cannot eat solid food.” Hebrews 5:1-2, 12 NLT. (,12.nlt)

At some point in your spiritual life you need to teach or at the very least share what God has done for you.

You can't just spend your entire life sitting in a church pew on Sunday morning. You need to take action on your faith. I am so dissappointed in the number of people that have no "real" ministry. They attend most every Sunday and are loyal to the church, but do not put faith into action. This is one of the reasons for the downfall of the church. We are too comfortable on Sunday mornings. How can we grow a church if we don't go out and seek new life in the Lord. We were told to  "GO" not "SIT" to spread the gospel throughout the world. 

This is one of the purist "basics" spoken about in the scripture. We need to grow up spiritually and that means developing spiritual confidence through study of the word. We need to perfect our witness, our testimony of Gods faithfulness, and we need to pray without ceasing. These are the non-negotiable tenets of faith.

Dear Lord, please help me reach others for you. Give me the motivation to go OUT, and not just wait passively on the sidelines for others to come to me. Give me the wisdom to teach others about you, both formally and informally. Help me to be ready at a moments notice to share the wonderful blessings payout have given me. Help me to share how you have rescued me time and time again from the sin and poor decisions in my life. I love you Lord. I love you with all my heart. Amen!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My secret mission

“O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.”
Psalms 95:1 KJV. (

I have a new mission. At this point it's a secret. But I need your prayers. 

My life is wonderful. I can't say that enough. It's not because of me. I believe, with all my heart, that God is blessing me in supernatural ways, ways in which I certainly do not deserve. It burns deep within my heart to do MORE for him. I am always looking for the push of the Holy Spirit to take action. I have officially been pushed. 

I don't want to share too much yet as I have some serious prayer needed. I need guidance and direction in the exact path. This new mission is to help battle the ever present attacks by satan to our school and community. Those attacks are real and not contrived as some believe. I believe a group of Christians can change the battle simply by increasing their own prayer time. 

Although I have a specific mission, we all need to increase our prayer presence. Christians need to rise up and prepare for battle. No, we are not battling humans. We are not battling gays, lesbians, abortionists, human traffickers, or atheists. We are battling satan himself. The weapon of choice is prayer and the power of those prayers comes directly from Jesus Christ himself. Please, I beg you, make a commitment to double your prayer time from this day forward. Get to know the needs of your own coworkers, friends, and family. Pray for them without ceasing. Pray with deep groans and a sincere heart. We can win the battle because we know the final victory has already been won. 

Put on your armor. Step into the battlefield and slay the oppressor!