Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A weak story!

so that all people may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom. (Psalm 145:12 NIV)

Here is a great story from my Billy Graham Daily Devotional:

"Some years ago I heard about a clergyman who had a friend who was an actor. The actor was drawing large crowds of people, and the clergyman was preaching to a few in the church. He said to his actor friend, “Why is it that you draw great crowds, and I have no audience at all? Your words are sheer fiction, and mine are unchangeable truth.” The actor’s reply was quite simple. “I present my fiction as though it were truth; you present your truth as though it were fiction.” I fear that so often we Christians give the idea that the truth is fiction by the way we live and by the lack of dedication to the teachings of our Lord."

(Just an FYI, you can find this series of devotions on the YouVersion Ap. They have a great selection of Bible Studies and devotionals)

Why are we not more effective in ministry for Christ? We have the greatest story ever told. Through the last 2000 years this truth has endured beyond all others. We have countless miracles, changed lives, and testimonies to back up this wonderful gospel. Why can't we make a more compelling case for Christ? This little story may hold part of the answer. May be our story is weak because we rely on our own telling. The story of God coming down to live with us is not just our story, it's Gods story. He orchestrated this amazing life lived through his son Jesus. From his miraculous birth through the shocking Ressurection, God spun this tale which pales the grandest novels of all time. His truth is truly more exciting than anything in real life or fantasy. We need to believe all of that and more about his message to us.

Maybe our story is weak because we don't acknowledge Gods place in our own lives. We look at ourselves for the source of our many blessings. We take for granted the life we have, the families, jobs, relationships, and things we've been given. If we truly gave the honor to Christ how could our story ever be less than spectacular. We need to look deeply into our lives, fall on our knees and praise God for his wonderful mercy, grace, and boundless blessings.

Dear Lord, forgive us for our weak witness, forgive us for being blind to your "mighty acts and glorious splendor". We lose focus on what you did for us on the cross and what you do for us every day. Help me Lord, to take all you amazing attributes and bring them to life for the lost. Make my story YOUR story! Amen!


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