Saturday, March 15, 2014

I believe in the Bible, I'm not a hater!

For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:21 NIV)

I love the Bible. It is the word of God written through man. It is a great story of how we are saved through Jesus and all that leads up to the wonders of the cross. The world doesn't understand it's powers. It doesn't understand the truth. It is a story so precious, we would rather die than live contrary to its teachings. Many of these words offend the world, but it does not mean believers HATE those it offends. It is a simple story that is distorted by the sins of the world. 

I read an article today about a bakery in Indianapolis that refused to make a cake for a gay union. The owner was chastised and many are up in arms about the refusal. It's amazing!  How come when a black, a gay, or a woman is "wronged" everyone is indignant. Protests are forged and battle lines are drawn. Yet, when someone stands there ground in the word of God and is publicly destroyed, no one cares. Do we or do we not have religious rights to worship as we see fit? I support this business. Do I think he would go to hell if he would have made the cake? No! But that's not the point. God has given this man the blessing of talent and ability to bake. He has chosen this work to honor the God he dearly loves. The story links actions like this as reason a young gay teen committed suicide. I'm sorry, how can not selling a cake offend someone so much? All indications are the baker rejected the business of these two people in a loving and caring way. There was no HATE. Just because you disagree with someone's lifestyle doesn't mean you HATE them. If I disagree with you because of your politics, does that mean I hate you? NO. I have family members that strongly disagree with me, I LOVE them and certainly do not HATE them. I know some go beyond disagreeing and intimidate, ridicule, and bully, but this is not the case here. That is not the feelings of most people, and most Christians. This man feels it dishonors God if he would bake this cake and he has the right to refuse. It's not a hate crime. God will honor that decision. His business will flourish, regardless of some protest.

A man who believes he is not honoring God should be able to refuse the work with no consequences. I greatly respect this man for taking a stand for the Bible. If he feels led by the Holy Spirit to take this stand he really MUST obey! 

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