Thursday, September 10, 2015

Silence is golden -- 9/11/01

“Then they sat on the ground with him for seven days and nights. No one said a word to Job, for they saw that his suffering was too great for words.”
Job 2:13 NLT  (

What a beautiful sight. I know their feelings. When comforting your friends it is not always important to say something. In my life I have seen more comfort come through actions than words. Just the lone act of sitting with someone to comfort them,is enough. We always say how powerful words are, but the true display of love and friendship is the act of silence. During silent moments it's always easier to sense what the mourner needs and it's easier to hear from the Lord. Silence is golden! 

On this day 14 years ago, our nation sat in silence, horrified by the events unfolding in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. For the next several weeks we intensely mourned the loss of life. Today, we continue to mourn and resolve that we should never forget. I spent last night reliving those moments watching videos as the events happened. We are in a battle with evil forces in the world. On this day, 14 years ago on a clear fall morning the war on evil became real.

Today, we should sit in silence with those that were directly affected by this fateful day, 14 years ago. We should sit in silence to honor the horrific loss of life. We should sit in silence to comfort our nation that has been forever changed by this single day, 9/11/01.

Dear Lord, we humbly ask you to protect us from evil. We know the ultimate victory has been won, but the battle in this earth is real and we need you. Today, Lord, we ask you to comfort those who lost loved ones in this attack. We also ask you to comfort our country as we were and always will be affected by this cowardly attack. We love you Lord. We need you and we praise you for your goodness and mercy. Amen!

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