Monday, September 7, 2015

Jesus is terrifying?

“King Herod was deeply disturbed when he heard this, as was everyone in Jerusalem.”
Matthew 2:3 NLT. (

I can understand why King Herod was deeply disturbed about the birth of the Messiah. But what about everyone else in Jerusalem? Why would the coming of the leader of the Jews be so frightening?

Well, if those people were anything like we are today, just the unknown would be enough to send an entire community into a tizzy. But they also had a vision of their savior being a "militant" leader who would rule with an iron hand. Boy, were they surprised!

What about today? Why are so many people intimidated and fearful of Christianity? Christians are under attack. How does my faith intimidate so much? The answer comes directly from the father of lies. Satan himself perpetuates the fear. He replays over and over the sins of our fathers as mean, cruel, and ruthless people. Yes, all the way back during the crusades we sinned greatly against man kind. It is brought up in every argument against Christianity. Many believe the crusades were completely necessary to keep faith alive and not be snuffed out by militant Muslims. Even so, look at our record since that time. Look at the church and the mission. Look at the servant heart that has served so many places around the world. We feed the hungry, we house the poor, we heal the sick. The power to do good in the world is fueled by the power of Jesus. It is a lie to fear Jesus. Jesus is love. Jesus is a servants heart. 

Dear Lord, I am distraught by the constant attack on our faith. I am dismayed with the depiction of Christians as mean, bigoted, and unloving. Help me Lord, to not dwell on the lies spread about my faith. Help me to constantly show my love, your love, to those around me. Help me to be above the fray and serve, even those that hate me. I praise you for your love and support through all the trials I face on this earth. You are an amazing and wonderful God of Love. Amen!

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