Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Don't do as I say.....

“When Jesus had finished giving these instructions to his twelve disciples, he went out to teach and preach in towns throughout the region.”  Matthew 11:1 NLT--http://bible.com/116/mat.11.1.nlt

Don't just do as I say, do as I do!

The greatest leaders in the world lead by example. I would challenge any leader who would not set the example for his/her followers. As a teacher I am a leader. My students will follow my direction. If I'm late or not prepared for the day, why should they? Do I live the example of hard work and dedication? Do I take excessive days off? Do I honor my own profession or do I bash the system I work? Do I show my students I care deeply about them, their trials, tribulations, their struggles? Do I show real compassion?Do I only care for those that excell or do I care for all? The example I set is more important than any Math topic I share.

Jesus is the ultimate leader. He trained the twelve to go out and share the message, but HE also went out. His expectations for himself were higher than those he set for them. He didn't just sit back and watch others work. We have a great record of his example in Gods word. We know how we should lead because he led us. He led all the way to the cross. That's a leader I can follow. As Christians we need to lead by example just like Jesus. People are watching and learning about Jesus by what we do and say.

Dear Jesus, I love you and praise you for the example you have set. I only want to serve you and imitate your life. Help me to keep that focus in everything I do, my teaching, ministry, and in my life as husband, father, grandfather, and friend. I praise you and love you forever. Amen!

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