Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Under pressure

“If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small.” 
Proverbs 24:10 NLT. (

Most of us complain about stress. It's not fun being under pressure to do something. I have to admit there are plenty times I my life where I fail under pressure. I always look back at those events with sadness. Failing under pressure usually means hurting those we love. It means making poor decisions with serious consequences. I have written about the stresses of life in this blog and I usually write about trying to turn things over to God to relieve the stress. Sometimes God wants us to be under stress. He wants us to develop a strength that will be able to defeat even the toughest enemy. The only way to develop that strength is through trial. Even though I hate the stress when I'm in the midst of it, I always grow personally and spiritually through fire.

Dear Lord, thank you for caring enough about me to guide me through tough times. Thank you for helping develop my strength. I trust you and love you with everything in my life. I have had many trials and tribulations, but they have made me who I am. I wouldn't ask to change anything in my past or ask to remove the stresses that lie ahead. When I turned my life over to you, it was through all things, not just the good parts of life. Thank you Lord for my wondeful life. It is wonderful because of you and you alone. Amen!

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