Sunday, August 9, 2015


“Some who are poor pretend to be rich; others who are rich pretend to be poor.”
Proverbs 13:7 NLT (

As the political season gears up for the presidential contenders there will be a lot of talk pitting the rich against the poor. This idea that money is the one thing that defines who we are is a ridiculous notion but many feel it does. Since the early days of human life on this planet we have been trying to get "stuff". I certainly fall into that trap also. I have plenty "stuff" . I don't want to embarrass myself by listing those things here. But, I do TRY to dedicate all my things to the Lord. Really everything I have is not my own, it ALL belongs to the Lord. 

This is a curious verse. Stop and think about it. What does it mean to "pretend" to be rich or poor? Those that live beyond their means are certainly pretending to be rich. They don't really have things, they borrow them. The rich that pretend to be poor live well within their means and  make sure they are not over extended. It is so easy to make mistakes with your money and live beyond what you earn. I certainly have made those mistakes and have suffered because of it. It affects your entire life, but you can recover. I'm not sure I can say  I have it all figured out. I do know the more I dedicate my life and my things to the work of the Lord, the more I am blessed and the more peaceful my life is. 

Thank you Lord for watching over me. Continue to watch over all parts of my life including my finances. I dedicate all that I have to you and for your glory. Watch over my daughters and their families. Their is nothing than can tear a family apart more than the stress of money. Help us to use common sense and to pray about everything including the use of our funds. Thank you Lord for your patience with me and the forgiveness you have granted when I have used poor judgment with my money. You are amazing and I love you more than life itself. You truly are amazing! Amen!

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