Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doing right things for the right reasons!

But Elisha replied, “As surely as the LORD lives, whom I serve, I will not accept any gifts.” And though Naaman urged him to take the gift, Elisha refused. (2 Kings 5:16 NLT)

I've been listening to a series of messages from Chuck Swindoll at Insight for Living called "What if.......".This verse was a part of my recent study. Mr. Swindoll concluded the message with the thoughts we need to always ask ourselves: Am I doing the right thing? And What are my motives?

Elisha was doing the right thing and he had a pure heart. God honored that with the power to heal Naaman. Elisha knew it was not his power that healed, but the power of God. So, he refused the gifts for the healing. He didn't seek glory, he just followed the calling of the Lord. Oh, if I could be that strong and pure.

We live in such a "me" society. Even as christians it's easy to take credit for the wonderful blessings of the Lord. It's easy to be caught up in successes. It's easy to rest in our own power ignoring the creator of that power. At school, I want to be responsible for the student successes, but blame the failures on the students. People have such a hard time accepting failure. It's so easy to blame others. I need to examine my own heart. 

Am I doing the right thing for the right reasons? Is my heart focused on the Lord. I need to make sure I examine my successes and failures. We can always examine them through those two questions: Am I doing the right thing? What are my motives? 

Dear Lord help me do the right thing. Help me to make good decisions, accept mistakes, and to listen to your guidance. I am not perfect. I will fail. I need your help acknowledging both my successes and failures. Help me to examine my life on a daily basis looking for ways to improve. I love you and know you deserve all the glory for my exceptional life. I praise your holy name, Amen!

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