Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Open honesty in love!

So the LORD sent Nathan the prophet to tell David this story: “There were two men in a certain town. One was rich, and one was poor. The rich man owned a great many sheep and cattle. The poor man owned nothing but one little lamb he had bought. He raised that little lamb, and it grew up with his children. It ate from the man’s own plate and drank from his cup. He cuddled it in his arms like a baby daughter. One day a guest arrived at the home of the rich man. But instead of killing an animal from his own flock or herd, he took the poor man’s lamb and killed it and prepared it for his guest.” David was furious. “As surely as the LORD lives,” he vowed, “any man who would do such a thing deserves to die! He must repay four lambs to the poor man for the one he stole and for having no pity.” Then Nathan said to David, “You are that man! The LORD, the God of Israel, says: I anointed you king of Israel and saved you from the power of Saul. (2 Samuel 12:1-7 NLT)

Talk about an awkward moment, this confrontation between David and Nathan is truly an uncomfortable spot for both men. But, the confrontation had to occur. 

I have had some of those moments in my life. I have had to fire people. I've had to punish a wrong. If had to discipline my children, students, and employees. Every single time it occurs, it's grossly uncomfortable. But, confrontation of a fellow believer about sin would make me more squeamish than any other situation I've encountered. Our society says it's really none of my business. The bible says differently. As a matter of fact it is our duty!

The word "confrontation" is ugly. It sends visions of hatred and meanness. I have never seen a vicious confrontation, even if for noble reasons, end well. Our approach , especially with fellow believers, must be out of love and done with a pure heart. We must let our love shine through stronger than the hatred. We also need to approach any confrontation as a way to earn respect, not domination. An attitude of tears is great, an attitude of joy is not great. If we would just approach every battle of wills as a gentle rebuke instead of a blatant war, we would all be better off. 

Dear Lord' help me with my relationships with my fellow believers. Help me to be honest with them and they be honest with me. If I am do ping something wrong, sinning, or hurting my ministry, I want to know. If my friends, or family are doing the same thing, give me strength to let them know. We need to make each other better. We can not do that without you directing our lives. Thank you Lord for your wonderful love and the joy of living a life for you. Amen!

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