Friday, January 3, 2014


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17 NIV)

I am really enjoying my Billy Graham daily devotionals. I had another good one today. I thought I would share his thoughts with my own.

I worked in the business world for 15 years before I became a teacher. I loved it. I worked for some great companies and bosses. I worked hard to do my best for those companies and people. Sometimes I might have worked too hard. I made sure my department always stayed within budget. We were frugal in our spending. I was proud of the quality of my work and I made sure the people that worked for me represented the company in the best possible way. The people I worked with, from top to bottom felt the same way. I think that's why our companies were so successful. Now I do the same thing for my school. The teachers and administrators do the same thing. We really work hard to do what's best for kids. We're not satisfied until we get the best out of every student. We are never satisfied to lose a student. We strive ALWAYS for 100% graduation and graduating responsible, productive citizens.

My devotional asked this question: Do I work just as hard for God as I do for my school or business? I think you would agree his kingdom is worth far more  than any business or school here on Earth. He is the ultimate boss. Do I work harder for my "Earthly Boss" or my "Heavenly Boss". Which one pays me more? I get both earthly and heavenly rewards from God and nothing but earthly rewards from my school.  I say I'm a dedicated Christian, but what does it say when I work harder at my job than bringing others to Christ. Is my job more important than my relationship with the creator of the universe? Is my job more important than bringing others to know him?  I can definitely SAY no. Do my actions back up my words? 

God has given each of us wonderful gifts. I use those gifts every day when I work. God gave me my gifts for his glory and purpose. I am to serve him through everything I do. My earthly and heavenly jobs are one and the same. I need to change my priorities. That doesn't mean neglect work. It means pore myself into serving others and being the best "Jesus" people see.

Lord please help me to use my gifts for you, not just at work but in everything I do. Help me to serve others at school so they will see you through me. You mean everything to me and I beg your forgiveness when I put you second on my list of priorities. You should be number one, always. Thank you for your patience and your unwavering love for me!

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