Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sample Salvation!

and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. (Romans 3:24 NIV)

There are not too many things in this life that are free. Stephanie and I used o shop at SAMS club quite a bit. When the girls or grandkids were with us they would always seek out the free food samples. It was always great to try something you wouldn't pay for. It actually works. We have decided to by a NEW items after we tried the samples. 

Wouldn't it be great if people could try salvation at no cost. WAIT! They can! The song AMAZING GRACE is one of the most popular songs ever. Popular 'Amazing Grace' still going strong after 200 years | The Augusta Chronicle According to this article the song has been recorded over 6,600 times, more than Handels Messiah and How Great Thou Art. This song describes the FREE grace we receive from the Death and Ressurection of our Savior. There is no contract, no legal document, we just have to accept it. 

I just don't understand why people won't sample the salvation of Christ. If we come to Christ and accept him as Lord of Our lives, we don't need to DO anything else. He will make himself known and the perfect grace will become more and more apparent in your life. If we admit we are sinners and need Christ, he will do the rest. If we can just "muster" the faith of a mustard seed God will take over and change you from the inside. We are all sinners and will always fall short of the mark. God doesn't care about that. Grace means he doesn't care about that. He just wants you to come to him. 

All I can say is try it! Sure it would be great for you to be a biblical scholar, prayer warrior, servant to the lost, but you don't have to do that first. It will happen out of your changed heart. If you sample salvation, you will come back for more. Your heart will long for the love of Christ and it will fill every part of your life! You will be eternally blessed.

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