Saturday, May 7, 2016

Run for the Son

Today is the Annual Run for the Son. For those not in the motorcycling world, this is my Christian Motorcyclist Association yearly motorcycle event. Today we will host about 150 motorcyclists  sharing our love of Jesus and our passion for motorcycles. A lot of work goes into this day to make it a real service to our guests.  As a Christian I really feel pressure to put in that little bit of EXTRA effort when I serve. Today is a perfect example.

This is our only event we host every year. Most other motorcycle groups host multiple events throughout the year. Our goal is to host this single event and then support the other events hosted by our motorcycling brothers and sisters. We don't want to compete with them, we want to support them. Today we will serve a great meal, have a great planned out route that is well marked, cleaned, and safe. We are giving away wonderful prizes, well beyond the typical t-shirts and oil. We want to over do it!

Christian service is about going above and beyond. Christian service is about doing something extraordinary to get people to notice. I want the bikers we serve today to wonder why we we worked so hard to host a great event. I want them to talk about how great this day was and want to emulate what we did. In all reality, the reason we do it is for the Son of God. We do it because we love him and want to bring others to know him. I praise God for the opportunity to serve!

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