Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bringing the Lord to work!

“Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good. It is useless for you to work so hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest to his loved ones.”  Psalms 127:1-2 NLT.

It should be time for me to relax. As Alice Cooper once said, "Schools out for summer!"

Not for me!

I have been working diligently finishing up this years paperwork and getting ready to do some intense planning with my wonderfully dedicated team members. Then in a little over a week, we start three weeks of summer school teaching. But, after that, Stephanie and I will be on the road to the east coast. That's when the real rest begins. 

I really do love my job. It can be wearying. Despite the loss of sleep, I feel I am working for the Lord. I get confirmation of that for every senior I see graduate, and every at risk student who finally "gets it". I do not labor in vain because the Lord is building the house right with me. 

Is your job just a job or it is it a labor of love for the Lord? I am so blessed to have teaching as a second career. I have a perspective a little different from most career educators. Even though I have been teaching for over 20 years, I had another nearly 20 year career and chose late to join this "ministry". Yes, I do believe my work at GHS is my ministry and that is why my work will never be in vain. I love what I do. I love every minute of planning,adapting to student needs, and the wildness of a typical school day. 

We should all love our careers. If we can't think of our career as some type of ministry, we labor in vain. Unless our Lord is in the midst of our career our labor is useless. The Lord Jesus needs to be in the middle of everything we do, not just at church, not just at play, and not just at home. Until we devote our wntire lives to the Lord, we will never get peace or rest.

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