Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life's Journey

“Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?””2 Chronicles 1:10 NIV.

This is one of my favorite prayers. Thirty  years ago, my prayers would have been for "stuff". I would have prayed for jobs, money, and getting my own way. I am maturing in the faith. Being a christian means you are accepting a life that is a journey. Our journey is different than the world's journey but just as exciting. We are not on a path to success as the world views it. We are on a path to gaining wisdom and knowledge. We are on a path to gain more wisdom and knowledge to help others. Solomon was one of our first leaders who understood that goal.

A group of teachers and our principal have been going through a book study called "Smart Strengths". It's a good book talking about identifying and using your strengths. Three of my identified strengths are "Love of Learning", "Curiosity" , and "Spirituality". I think these three strengths fit together perfectly. I have always been curious and love to learn about God. To me true wisdom is not knowing more math, or science, or how to run a successful business. Wisdom comes from the Lord. and knowing him is true wisdom. My life, which is wonderful, comes directly from knowing my savior and seeking him in all things. I highly recommend this adventure to everyone. Love the Lord, seek his will in your life, and share the wisdom gained through knowing him. That is our life goal.

Dear Lord, I treasure my relationship with you. I am joyful over the path you have led me. I am blessed beyond measure. I know I am not perfect and know you accept me anyway. Help me to continue to gain wisdom and knowledge that I can help others. I want to lead others to know you. That is my life journey and that is my adventure. Praise God for the adventure! Amen!

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