Thursday, October 2, 2014

Find time to lead!

Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding. (Jeremiah 3:15 NIV)

  1. Attitude Skills – A servant’s heart, both positive and persistent.
  2. People Skills – The ability to relate to others: communicate, delegate, motivate, confront, etc. 
  3. Equipping Skills – The ability to train and develop others for service.
  4. Leadership Skills – The ability to cast vision, plan strategy, direct teams, and empower others.    Dr. john C Maxwell "30 day Leadership Reading Plan"

I saw this list of leadership skills and thought it was a very "complete" list. These four skills are important for all Christian leaders. What leadership skills do you have? 

Many people really avoid leadership positions in churches and ministry. They literally run away from being asked to serve. Right now we are in the midst of officer nominations and elections for my Christian Motorcyclist Association chapter. Every year we struggle to find people willing to lead. It greatly saddens my heart. When I became a Christian I became a doer, a doer of the word. Worship is important, study and prayer are important. Nothing is as important as serving. So why is it so difficult to get people to serve?

As in most churches, 10% do 90% of the work. I think you would be hard pressed to disprove this in ministries. Everyone is so busy! At the risk of sounding arrogant, I'm pretty busy myself! Yet, I find time in the midst of full time work, service to my school, my family, my 6 grandkids, and CMA! I take leadership positions at school and in ministry. Others should be able to do the same. My fellow officers also sacrifice time and energy right along side me. They have the same commitments with family, work, and various other ministries. I've always found people will make time for the important things in their lives. If God truly is number one in your life, you will make time to serve. You will lead! I am so thankful for this years officer team that they were willing to serve. Their dedication will be honored by God.

I'm not claiming to be the leader I want to be. I have not mastered the four skills list above. But, I am in pursuit of those skills so I can lead for the kingdom of God. I will set myself apart so I can serve, not to bring glory to myself. I ask everyone to pray where a god would have you serve. Let the spirit of the Lord lead you into service and leadership for him. Praise God he believes in me enough to give me leadership positions for his glory!

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