Monday, April 11, 2016


13Again and again the lord had sent his prophets and seers to warn both Israel and Judah: “Turn from all your evil ways. Obey my commands and decrees—the entire law that I commanded your ancestors to obey, and that I gave you through my servants the prophets.”14But the Israelites would not listen. They were as stubborn as their ancestors who had refused to believe in the lord their God.

We live in STUBBORN times. The Lord continues to send people warnings. The more we are warned the more stubborn we become. I have a strong willed granddaughter that does the same thing. Many of you have dealt with a strong willed child and know what I am talking about. The more I tell this little bundle of energy NOT to do something, the more she does it. If I ask for a hug, I'm definitely NOT getting one. If I tell her she is NOT big enough to do something, she really goes out of her way to prove me wrong. She's cute and looks adorable in her defiance. It all looks so innocent.  

As a society we are just as stubborn as a two year old. 

God is sending you and me to warn this world of their sinful ways. Even though we are also sinful and FAR from perfect, we are here as a warning and to spread the Gospel of redemption. The world isn't listening. They just don't understand the consequences of their actions. We don't always see the final outcomes of sin. It all looks so innocent. Life can look so great through the eyes of sin. It's not. The ultimate consequence is death. There are consequences even before our eternal death. The moral breakdown of society leads to pain and suffering. The breakdown of the family and a clear definition of right and wrong leads to violence, anarchy, and hopelessness. We need Jesus NOW more than ever.

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