Thursday, April 14, 2016


26Then all the people of Judah, from the least to the greatest, as well as the army commanders, fled in panic to Egypt, for they were afraid of what the Babylonians would do to them. 2 Kings 25:26
Refugees have been in the news over the past several years. Specifically, the refugees from ISIS. These people are fleeing from the barbaric Islamic terrorists. They need to be protected from these maniacs. EVERYONE AGREES with that. But, the real question is where?  Do we allow them IN to the United States to live in peace. IF WE CAN DO THIS SAFELY, WE SHOULD PROTECT THE INNOCENTS from anywhere in the world. That's the problem. We are also FLEEING from ISIS. Yes, you heard that correctly. We are fleeing, we are at war with this radical religious group. They want to destroy everything we have and anyone that is like us is going down with us. We have seen multiple cases where ISIS is active in the US. They are active in most free world countries and want to destroy anyone who does not bow to their god. We can not just sit idly by while the world is threatened. We can't just accept all these innocent bystanders. SO, what do we do? Do we abandon these middle eastern refugees? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!
I have a plan. WE have plenty of influence with some very powerful middle eastern countries. We should do everything we can to settle these people in one of those countries. We need to provide the resources, the humanitarian aid, and the support to make sure this happens. These people need to have a safe place to raise their families. GOD wants us to protect them, to love them, and to support them. If we bring them here, we open ourselves to more attacks, we put them in a place very different than their own culture, and they have little or no opportunity to return to their native homes when ISIS is defeated. That just doesn't make sense. God loves these people. He wants us to serve them like he wants us to serve every nation regardless of race or color or creed. But, he also gives us the wisdom to be prudent. He gives us wisdom to do this without putting ourselves at risk. 

Dear Lord, be with our country as we try to help the innocent people in the midst of an evil world. We need your wisdom and your resources to provide protection and love for these wonderful people. Thank you for the protection you provide us! Amen!

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