Wednesday, January 13, 2016

God's not Fair!

“But as surely as the LORD your God has given you the good things he promised, he will also bring disaster on you if you disobey him. He will completely destroy you from this good land he has given you.”Joshua 23:15 NLT

I am sure many of you get sick and tired of me boasting of my wonderful life. I truly am blessed by the power of God. It's not that I have done anything. I have received a life I am in no way worthy. Yet, here I am. God has brought me to where I am today. Yet, I am a moment away from pure disaster. The blessings are always of God, but my evil sin and blatant disregard for my savior can spin a web of death, destruction, and disaster. 

We serve a fair and loving God. He is more than willing to bless me and equally willing to let me suffer the consequences of my own sin. But, my God is also NOT a FAIR God and I am glad. Grace is not fair. Grace is not giving me what I deserve, it's a God that is forever giving me a break when I don't deserve it. That is the reason for my wonderful life. IF God was completely Fair, I would be suffering from all my sin and poor choices. I am not suffering, I am thriving.  Don't misunderstand, I have daily stress. I have turmoil. I have failure. But the more time I spend with my savior, the less impact those setbacks have on my life. I have seen growth through my weakness and I have seen growth through the love of my God. He loves me even when he punishes me. He loves me even when he sees me suffer through self inflicted consequences. I praise him for my life. I praise him for his love, mercy, and grace.

Dear Lord, Use me today for your purposes. Take my life and let it be always for you Lord. I owe you all. Give me the ability to love the unloved. Give me the strength to persevere through challenging people and challenging times. I love you LORD!

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