Thursday, May 25, 2017

Plant the Flag!

“And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken!” Then the Lord reached out and touched my mouth and said, “Look, I have put my words in your mouth! Today I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms. Some you must uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow. Others you must build up and plant.””
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭1:8-10‬ ‭NLT‬‬.

Sometimes you need to plant the flag. You plant a flag and state this is it. I will defend this place or issue in your life. Do you have anything you would stake a flag for? I do. Certainly every Christian should be willing to stand up for the battle of righteousness. We should defend at all costs the devotion to Christ and faith. We should also exhaust our commitment to the orphans and homeless, the poor, widows, and the lost. As a member of an amazing family. I will defend them with an unending love. As a teacher I will defend my students to my last breath. I will take a stand for what is best for them. I will stand up for them with all the passion a furvor I can muster. I will plant my flag for my closest colleagues. I will not let them fight alone. I answer to God, not to man. The spirit of the Lord compels me to defend those that I love and causes that are just. Jesus planted the flag to save me. I must fight for him.

Out of all the things I will rigorously defend, my integrity might be the most valuable. Nothing gets me more "wound-up" than someone questioning my integrity. Without integrity, my faith in the Lord means nothing. Without integrity how can I convince others to commit to Christ. It is everything.  I will not compromise my values for anyone, for any reason. Doing what is right is the cornerstone of my life. Being open, honest, and credible is the key to my faith walk. I plant my flag here, right now, and I will defend this ground with my last breath!

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