Friday, June 10, 2016

Dancing with words!

F“Some people may contradict our teaching, but these are the wholesome teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. These teachings promote a godly life. Anyone who teaches something different is arrogant and lacks understanding. Such a person has an unhealthy desire to quibble over the meaning of words. This stirs up arguments ending in jealousy, division, slander, and evil suspicions.”  1 Timothy 6:3-4 NLT.

I'm a math guy. I've taught math for over 20 years snd I love the complexities and the certainty of it. Answers are clearly right or wrong. There is very little gray area. So, from my mathematics perspective, language frustrates me. I apologize to my English teaching colleagues. My high school experience with respect to English was terrible. Don't get me wrong. I have always loved writing and even more, reading. The part that frustrates me started with my English teachers bleeding all over my writings. It was a virtual blood letting whenever I got a paper back in English. I don't care about all the rules of writing. I just want to write so people can understand me. I don't want to critically read analyzing every word as I read. I use these verses in my defense, if only with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

On a more serious note. I really get frustrated with political correctness. What do you mean I can't say Islamic terrorist? Why can't I believe and live out my faith with the bible as my guide? Why am I discriminating if I choose not to endorse a homosexual lifestyle? If I want to protect my own religious freedom, how does that infringe on anyone? I am a blunt, open person. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I WANT you to be clear about what I believe. I don't have time to dance around the truth. 

Jesus Christ is the son of God, the God that created the universe, loves us, and sent Jesus to die for us. I believe in the Bible as Gods holy word, and I believe that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for me and all who believe. God has physically and mentally designed a man and a woman to be together, it says it in the Bible, and I believe the bible is not wrong. I am not going to be politically correct when it comes to sharing the truth. I'm not much of a dancer, literally, and I'm not going to dance around the truth!

Dear Lord, I am in love with you. I want others to know you like I do. That "friendship" is the center of my life. I'm always amazed I can be that close to the creator of the universe. I am constantly seeking your truth. I want nothing more than to share your love and truth with others. Help me, Lord, to continue to be bold for you, Amen!

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