Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Be UnCommon!

“Common people are as worthless as a puff of wind, and the powerful are not what they appear to be. If you weigh them on the scales, together they are lighter than a breath of air.”
Psalms 62:9 NLT. http://bible.com/116/psa.62.9.nlt

I wore an old track sweatshirt to school last week that had the quote: "Be UnCommon" on the back. I love that thought and it is exactly what this year is about. I don't want to be a common husband, father, grandfather, teacher, friend, Christian. I want to be different. So many people are afraid to say that. They want to go through life in the background, camouflaged into the fabric of this planet. Not me. 

I want to explore new ideas, not be afraid to fail, AND not be afraid to succeed. At school I am a part of a great "experiment". We are rethinking school. We have seen a great amount of success, but have gone through multiple failures, mistakes, along our path. But we have some bold educators willing to take risk and grow from it. None of us are willing to sit idly on the sidelines when we see work to be done. We can't stand to live with the status-quo. We all feel like we must make at least SOME attempt to make life better for our students. As a minister in motorcycle ministry, I have seen great success and abysmal failure. The key, to borrow a cliche, is to learn from my mistakes, get back up every time I am knocked down, persevere through trial and persecution. 

I don't want to be a worthless puff of wind. 

That fear urges me forward, to try new things, to stick my neck out on a limb. I'm not seeking power. I'm seeking victory. Victory, not for me, but for the kingdom of God. I'm seeking new ways to reach the lost, build relationships to promote the gospel message. 

Dear Lord Jesus, help me to be "Uncommon". Help me to be bold, take risks, and challenge the status quo, so that others may know you, your love, your mercy, and grace. I don't seek power outside of your power to overcome darkness. Guide me in my life. Make that life your own. Amen!

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