Thursday, March 3, 2016

Forgive - NOW!

As the king was about to cross the river, Shimei fell down before him. 19“My lord the king, please forgive me,” he pleaded. “Forget the terrible thing your servant did when you left Jerusalem. May the king put it out of his mind. 20I know how much I sinned. That is why I have come here today, the very first person in all Israel to greet my lord the king.” 2 Samuel 19:18-20

Forgiveness of others is one of the most difficult , but necessary, tasks for a Christian. Jesus is our example. On the cross, he issued out the most famous act of forgiveness when he forgave his murderers. OUR SINS are also forgiven when we repent to the Lord. Forgiveness is a key part of our faith. So, why do WE have difficulty forgiving others?

I see this every day of my life. I see it in family situations. I see it at school. I see it student to student and teacher to teacher. It seems once someone is wronged, the story is over. The separation is permanent. That is so sad and very much against our Christian faith. As Christians, we need to forgive those that have wronged us. The forgiveness needs to be complete and as much as it is reliant on us, reconciliation is the next step. Of course reconciliation can not be one way. We need to get away from holding a grudge. We need get over the pain and hurt. That is not always easy, but necessary. If forgiveness is not easy, if the hurts are too deep, we need to turn it all over to JESUS. It is ok if we can't do it through our own thoughts and words. Let Jesus move you. Turn it over to him. Ask him for help. He will guide you on the path to forgiveness. He will guide you on the path to reconciliation. 

Can we love without forgiveness?  

Dear Lord, Help me forgive those that harm me. Help me to find a way to reconcile with those that oppose me or that I have opposed. Our world is full of division and hate. We can't fix this without you. Healing starts with forgiveness. That healing needs to start now. Amen!

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