Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dear America, Is this the best we can do? My Country and Party is a disaster!

For those of you who frequent this blog, this is not my ordinary post. I'm going to be political. If you don't want to read it, stop now. The view are my opinion and I just have to share or I will explode!

First I am not a Trump supporter.

Right now I have to decide who I will support instead of Trump. If he ends up being the Republican nominee for President, I will also have to weigh my options. I have to admit I have never voted for a Democrat for President, not because of party affiliation, but because I have ALWAYS agreed MORE with the Republican candidates than the Democrats. So, when I vote in the Primary or the General Election I will look closely and see which candidate I agree with more and that is who I will vote for. Many times I have chosen the "lesser of two evils". The choice of evil is getting worse every day.

My party, specifically, and my country generally, is MESSED UP! ( I want to use stronger language, but I have dedicated this site to the cause of Christ!)

We have created a monster called politics or more specifically POLITICIANS!

Our Party System is failing because it is completely dominated by PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS. Both parties are run by the smug, elitists that give the impression they are working for us. Every four years or two or six, they come "courting" my vote. They promise progress, hope and change, or to fix all that is wrong with this world. NOTHING EVERY HAPPENS except they collect their fat checks and their life long benefits. They pass laws for us and THEY are exempt. They place themselves ABOVE THE LAW. They will prosecute an AMERICAN HERO for revealing secrets through an email, but WON'T prosecute one of their own when THOUSANDS of CRITICAL DOCUMENTS ARE SENT ON AN UNSECURED SERVER.


Now, the Republican Party is not happy that an OUTSIDER has jumped into the fray. Just a few short years ago, they were begging Donald Trump to support their campaigns (both party candidates). Now he is corrupt, a con artist, and whatever insult they can hurl. I am NOT a Trump supporter, but the people, for whatever reason are speaking and doing it LOUDLY. Again, for whatever reason, the MAJORITY feel he is the best choice or at least the LESSER OF THE 17 EVILS that started this campaign. The REPUBLICAN ELITE aren't happy. They are selling the farm so they can get someone in the Whitehouse THEY CAN CONTROL. So, like a child wanting to change the rulesof the neighborhood game, they are going to take their ball and go home if this election doesn't go the way they DESIGNED.

 I AM OUTRAGED beyond belief.

Our OLD GUARD, REPUBLICAN, POLITICAL MACHINE is wanting to throw this election. They have committed to personal attacks instead of talking about issues, they are campaigning on the size of Trumps hands and the color of his tan. They are throwing around terms like con artist, flim flam man and all the while they give nothing of a real alternative. THEY ARE STOOPING TO THE LEVEL OF TRUMP.  If they believe they have a better message, they better share it and do it NOW. Instead they are pulling out all the stops. Even our Inept candidate from the last loss is jumping into the fight. His words today were hollow and worthless. He himself is an elitist that has done nothing after the last election. Where was he to fight over the last four years? He was happy to pose with Trump and get his money 4 years ago. Now he spews hate. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

The tone of this race to be the nominee of MY PARTY, better change and change fast.


EVERY CANDIDATE I TRULY SUPPORTED has been BLACKBALLED by the ELITE, the money. Carly Fiorina, Dr. Carson, and others. I had thought seriously about supporting Rubio, but his tone over the last week has been childish and RIDICULOUS.  CRUZ is not much better. I AM RUNNING OUT OF VIABLE CHOICES FAST!!!!!!!!!!

YOU BETTER START LISTENING TO YOUR PARTY and not the political insiders. You better listen and become, once again, the party of the PEOPLE of these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I have supported you election after election. DO SOMETHING. Fight for the causes we support. Don't be condescending and give us lip service. Find real solutions.

THE WATCHFUL EYE OF THIS COUNTRY IS UPON YOU. Don't make it worse. I don't know if I can handle a socialist or a liar in the Whitehouse. Will I have to vote for a Democrat that acts like one of us, but is CERTAINLY NOT? Will I have to support another elitist that panders to minorities just to get a vote, speaks down on law enforcement, only cares about BLACK LIVES? Do we really have a choice between someone that under values unborn life as less important than terrorists.

Time is running short. The security and success of our nation is on your shoulders.

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