Friday, March 18, 2016


37O  lord, answer me! Answer me so these people will know that you, O  lord, are God and that you have brought them back to yourself.” 1 Kings 17:37I have said this prayer so often. I love to see the power of God through answered prayer. But, I love even more when the people who do not know the Lord see the great hand of God. I want the Lord to show his presence in the lives of my family, my students, and my friends. So, I pray for that result continuously. Why doesn't it happen more? Why does God NOT reveal himself more through my prayers?I want, more than anything, for my life to be the path people will see the work of the Lord. It really is my only purpose. The better question is "What are we praying for? God will not reveal himself through selfish and me-centered prayers.  Praying for "things" in my life isn't a great plan either. My prayers, my words, and my actions need to be focused on others. If I want to see the power of God at work, I will pray for others. I will serve others, and I will devote my life to bringing others to the Lord. LIFE IS NOT ABOUT ME.......LIFE IS ABOUT OTHERS!We wonder why we don't see the miracles of God anymore. Maybe, just maybe, it's because we are more worried about seeing those miracles in our lives and NOT the lives of others.  My life can not be consumed with my own problems. When I try to emulate Jesus, I focus specifically on serving others through sacrifice and 100% devotion. 
Dear Lord, Forgive me for my self-centered life. I want nothing more to serve you and i know that service needs to be directed at serving others, especially non-believers. Help redirect my life, every day, so that the focus is away from me. I love you and need you. I praise you for my wonderful life and the joy you have given me. Help me share that same joy with others. Amen!

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