Monday, March 7, 2016

Work is not Evil

15The lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it. Genesis 2:15I saw a picture on Facebook this morning. There was a picture of screaming baby saying "NOOOOOO, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO WORK!"I didn't realize this. God created work BEFORE man fell to sin. I have always thought of work being created directly as a result of the original sin. I know so many people that just hate what they are doing. I would never work in a job I did not enjoy. But, God placed Adam and Eve in the garden to tend and watch over it. Work was not created to be evil. It was only after the fall that work became a struggle. I believe that the followers of Christ are, more often than not, blessed by the work they do. I know that is certainly true for me. I am fullfilled through the work I do. I love going to work on Monday mornings. But, work is not meant to be our entire life. God built in specific time for rest and relaxation. We are all aware of the Sabbath and yet we do not honor this DAY OF REST. When I look back at my weekend, it was packed with activities. My only moment of rest this weekend was an hour nap yesterday. I really need to rest more often. I need to organize my week to deliberately so I can take a day off on Sunday and just relax. Spring Break is coming and I will do everything I can to relax for AT LEAST one of these weeks. I need to get away and refresh. I think we all need to do this on a regular basis. While the bible does not say anything specific about vacations. The Jewish culture had many festivals and celebrations that suspended work. We need to make sure we take the time to get away and renew our souls. God does not want us to toil our lives away. He wants us to take time for ourselves but more importantly he wants us to take time to re-connect with him. The busyness of our lives separates us from that wonderful connection. God did not design work to keep us from his presence. Yet, that is our excuse. 
Dear Lord, Please forgive me for not taking advantage of the Sabbath. Please forgive me for not taking time to spend with you. I love you Lord and look forward to Spring Break in a couple of weeks. I know you have given me my work as a blessing and not a curse. I am grateful for the work I have. Take my job and make it be your job. Fill me with your love so I may share that with everyone I meet today. Amen!

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