Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The encourager!

When the uproar was over, Paul sent for the believers and encouraged them. Then he said good-bye and left for Macedonia. While there, he encouraged the believers in all the towns he passed through. Then he traveled down to Greece, (Acts of the Apostles 20:1-2 NLT)

How do you go about preaching the Gospel? So much of what we hear is gloom and doom. Society has gotten very skeptical and cynical. Even Christians feel obligated to bear the bad news. I really wish we would just emphasize the positives of life with God. Realistically we need to spend more time encouraging new believers, young followers and even stalwarts of the faith.

Life is not easy. So spreading encouragement could be exactly what people may need. It's so much easier to face trials if you hear the voice of your family and friends shouting encouragement. Life is going to be difficult at times. It is guaranteed! It may feel there is no way you can handle it. That is where you need your friends in the faith to come along side and encourage you. 

Send out an email, call someone, or go visit them. Do it specifically with the attitude to encourage them and let them know you are behind them. Bring the light of Jesus into their lives at the point where they need him the most.

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