Monday, September 19, 2016


“But the LORD stands beside me like a great warrior. Before him my persecutors will stumble. They cannot defeat me. They will fail and be thoroughly humiliated. Their dishonor will never be forgotten.” Jeremiah 20:11 NLT.

I am undefeated.

I  am a Miami Dolphin football fan. The Dolphins are the only team in NFL history to go undefeated during the entire season all the way through the Super Bowl. It's a feat others have come close to but no one has matched. It's so difficult in any sport, at any level to finish the season undefeated.

I am undefeated. I'm 56 years old. I've been a follower of Christ for 44 years. My Lord is in control of my life. I have struggled with life's challenges, I have had to overcome adversity and traversed a multitude of obstacles. I have always come out victorious. I have always seen the guiding hand of God and his warrior angels at the ready to defend me. They have rescued me from real evil. It's the power of Jesus that  keeps my perfect record intact. Jesus perfects my life through his wonderful grace, mercy, and peace. 

Praise the Lord that I am protected from all evil. I praise the Lord that I am forever and always victorious in Christ.

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