Sunday, December 14, 2014


“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). (Matthew 1:23 NIV)

There are so many terms and stories we christians use that the lost just can't believe. This idea that God, the creator of the universe is Immanuel, is unbelievable. Christmas itself is unbelievable. A baby is born, of a virgin, grows up, dies a cruel death so he can save us 2000 years later. It just doesn't make sense. To someone who could care less what happened then, most people care only about what's going on in their lives right now. 

Most people I meet that don't know Jesus have been abandon at some point in their lives. The orphan was abandon by both his parents or maybe just one left and now each day brings no hope. To others they have been abandon by their husband or wife. Still others may have been abandon by a company or job. The reality of abandonment is too prevalent in the world today. Is it a wonder that we can not reach the lost? Doesn't it make sense they are skeptical of the truth that God will not leave or foresaken them? That's the reason it takes time to win hearts for Jesus. People need to see that God will be with them, even when things get hard. 

People will come into our lives every day that just can't believe our message. As christians we need to be steadfast in our faith, but even more so in our loyalty to those that don't know Jesus. They don't need our criticism. They don't need our judgement and they don't need our shunning. They need our loyalty, they need our love and they need to know we are going to be there through sin, pain, trial, and storm. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. Once we've committed to help, there is no turning back. We need to make sure the abandon know what grace is. Their first and only experience may come from us. We have to make sure they see grace and love in action. Until they do, they will remain lost, skeptical that they will never have peace and joy in their lives.

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