Saturday, December 31, 2016

Praise God for 2016!

I did it. I know some of you won't see the significance. I finished my annual reading of the entire Bible last night. This is only a recent phenomenon for me. I started doing it about 12 years ago and as far as I can remember I think I have completed this 10 times. The other two years, I concentrated on ONLY the New Testament. I do not share this to brag about how great I am. I mention this only to say I have learned so much by studying the word of God. I haven't set my personal goal for 2017, but I can promise I will spend time listening to the ancient words of our Creator. 

There is no other God like our God. I don't know a lot about Hindu gods, the muslim's faith, or any other of the world religions. The only thing I can tell you....... My God, the God of Isaac and Jacob, the God that sent his Son into the world to save us from sure death, the God that has prepared a permanent home for me in Heaven, is active and REAL in my life. I am blessed. Yet,  I know that if my life were left to just my own doing, it would have failed miserably. In fact, I have tried to do things on my own and YES I have failed in every way imaginable. When I turn to God, miraculously, my life changes.  I overcome the difficulties in my life, I defeat the challenges, not by my power by HIS. 

In 2016 my prayers have been answered. I long prayed for my daughter and her kids to return to Indiana. That prayer was answered. I prayed their house would sell, that prayer was answered today. I have prayed for my CMA family and there are countless answers to those prayers. Several of my school family have faced challenges, God has helped them overcome. I have seen his miraculous hand. I am convinced more and more every day that he is REAL and he walks with me every day. My life is blessed ONLY THROUGH HIM. 

I can't wait until 2017. To see his powerful hand, to see him work in my life and the lives of his people PRAISE GOD FOR HIS WONDERFUL MERCY AND GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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