Monday, October 31, 2016

God Speaks

“The king and the prince will stand helpless, weeping in despair, and the people’s hands will tremble with fear. I will bring on them the evil they have done to others, and they will receive the punishment they so richly deserve. Then they will know that I am the LORD.””
‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭7:27‬ ‭NLT‬‬

God is speaking to us. I know some of you think it's weird to admit God has been communicating with you. I truly believe God IS speaking and he wants me to speak.

We are focusing on the wrong thing. We are all very vocal about how disgusted we are with the candidates we have in our upcoming election. I don't think I've ever heard anyone bragging about their candidate in this election. But, here is a news fact: These Candidates are a microcosm of exactly what our country's people are all about.  They not only represent what our political parties stand for, they represent exactly who we are as a people. We can be appalled by Donald Trump's "Locker room talk" but isn't that exactly how we talk as a nation. Aren't we all obsessed with sex. Don't they say sex sells! We can deny it, but we are obsessed with sex.  Are we surprised by the lies and "above the law" mentality of our candidates. Aren't we doing the same thing. We cheat on our taxes, live lives of dishonesty and completely focus on ourselves. Divorce, cheating on spouses, pornography, and destruction of family are normal for non Christians and Christians alike. So why are we surprised with the lawlessness and win at all costs of Hillary and Donald.
           It's not just Hillary wanting late term abortions, some 71 % of Americans agree.  That's just appalling. We say we value life so much that we are willing to take away some of our second ammendment freedoms, while we are completely unwilling to protect the unbornThe two candidates we have are EXACTLY who we are. They are the fruits of our sin and our rejection of God. They are dividing us. Satan is thrilled.

I agree the election is probabily the most important of our time. BUT more important than this election is the sinfulness of our nation and our planet. We need revival in this world. We need revival in this nation, our state and in our communities. If we truly want to change the political landscape let's bring more people to Jesus. If we want to serve our homeless, our poor, our abused, and our orphans instead of depending on our inept government to do it, we need to turn to Jesus. Let's change the hearts of people so the evil in this world will not flourish, but be stopped in its tracks.

We can complain or we can drive the solutions. If we change people, we can change the course of our country. Our politicians are not going to solve our problems. They are the problem. We are the problem and they ARE us!

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