Thursday, December 10, 2015


“Remember, Lord, how your servant has been mocked, how I bear in my heart the taunts of all the nations, the taunts with which your enemies, Lord, have mocked, with which they have mocked every step of your anointed one. Praise be to the Lord forever! Amen and Amen.”  Psalm 89:50-52 NIV.

The enemy is mocking the Lord. Nation upon nation taunt us. Within our own country the servants of the Lord are under attack.

Due to the multitude of school shootings over the last several years, even decades, schools are changing their response to attackers. The theory used to be for the classroom teachers and students to cower and hide from attackers. They were trained in passive resistance. NOW schools are teaching faculty and students to fight back. We are told we no longer have to sit there submissively waiting for some to terrorize us. We are to barricade our doors. If an attacker enters our room we are to attack with all of our might. We are to aggressively fight back.

School administration is giving its blessing to avoid being a casualty. Your powerful and wonderful God is also telling his followers: be aggressive, strongly counter our attackers. We are to destroy those trying to strip us of our faith in Jesus. We are not to stand by idly while we are being attacked. YES, we are to show love, but we are not to be trampled by those that wish to destroy us. Part of our aggressive response to attackers is to defend the faith. Many of the attacks are with words, laws, and regulations. We are to fight for our right to worship and love Jesus. We are to stand up, even to death, to defend the gospel. Too many people sit quietly while the world attacks our faith and removes our freedom to worship. Even in our wonderful country the anti-christian sentiment is growing. We are made to feel like second class citizens. Our laws and beliefs are being mocked and ridiculed. CHRISTIANS RISE UP! FIGHT FOR YOUR SAVIOR! FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO WORSHIP OUR GREAT AND POWERFUL CREATOR! FIGHT FOR THE BELIEFS AND WORDS IN THE BIBLE! DEFEND IT EVEN UNTO DEATH!

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